The Thakers Story

When “Baba” Thaker emigrated from India in the 50’s, he took his knowledge and passion for Pure Vegetarian Indian cuisine with him. Here he met “Baa” Thaker and together raised a family of characters and mis-fits! The comedian son, the academic, the hardworking rebel, the sweet loving sister, and hoards of uncles, aunties, nephews nieces and cousins… big families are the Indian way.

They didn’t have much, but she would create incredibly tasty dishes, out of the simplest of ingredients…

These concoctions and flavours were passed down through the generations, and signature dishes very quickly became renowned with the locals. Herbs and spices being ground in a pestle and mortar, or pots and pans bubbling away on a fire stove, would release an unmistakable aroma, the Thakers were cooking again!

Neighbours would come up with the most creative reasons to knock on the door, knowing that the Thakers rarely ever cooked to feed a few. Our dishes are created with sharing in mind. Food is our passion and we want to share it with the world. Scores of people would gather around, sitting on the floor,eating together, picking from each other’s plates,conversing and laughing late into the evening.

Taking inspiration from that journey, Imitating no one with a select menu of our best dishes, our foods and tastes are far from authentic to any particular region or cuisine, but rather a fusion of feelings, unique ingredients and flavours. Its Indo-Afro-Vegi-Soul food… I guess the best way to describe it is, it’s Thakers!